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Who are we? What makes Smart Business Guru different?

We aren't your traditional online marketing & video group. We primarily operate an online business, but we still love to meet our clients. We leverage an online business, software, and technology to reduce our overhead costs for our clients.

With this model our clients pay for actual work, not office space and other costs.

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          Video Marketing is an Amazing Way to Enhance your                                                        Business…

                            Grow Your Business & Explode Your Sales With Our Proven & Effective Commercials

Video Marketing For Beginners

Are you new to video marketing? If so, then check out our free beginners guide.

Did you know that one minute of video is worth 1.8 million words? Customers trust websites that have videos and are far more likely to become your customer. Our video marketing services will get you started quickly in harnessing the power of online video. We will create a customized professional motion graphic video that will advertise your business.

                                                               Smart Business Guru Offers A Wide Variety & Style Of
                                                                    Commercials & “Pals” To Best Suit Your Business 

Our company will take the time to understand your business, and create a custom video that will really grab people’s attention.

We recognize that when it comes to finding a video to best represent your business, you need something that reflects your company well.

Our videos don’t just look great, but are designed from the ground up to bring more business through your doors.

Advanced Marketing Strategies...

Our spokesperson videos can be integrated into your website in countless ways.

We can have a spokesperson appear as soon as someone lands on your website, or even have one appear as someone goes to leave your website! We can even have our spokespersons hold a sign featuring your phone number, or even an email opt-in form!

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